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When Should You Deploy The Realreceptionist™ ?

You have no Receptionist but you still want to offer a personal service to your visitors
To assist your Receptionist at busy peak-times or as back-up when absent
To enable 1 Receptionist attending many Reception locations personally
To make a substantial, instant and sustainable cost-saving while improving the Reception Experience
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Realreceptionist™ is the proven solution to attend your Reception without the need for a receptionist having to be present.

The RealReceptionistTM Line-Up

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The Four Reception Service Modes

Visitor enters in direct contact with
the host
Visitor is video-connected with a Receptionist in remote location
Visitor is served automatically without human involvement
Combination of the 3 modes into a custom-built process

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More complex Reception transactions
require a custom-built approach

Most Reception Desk applications are typically simple and straight-forward.
However the technology lends itself perfectly to more complex, sophisticated, transactional processes whereby a high level of customization and security are required.

In this case, a 100% custom-built approach is required. That involves an integral, tailor-made System. the front-end (where your customer is) the actual transactional business process and the back-end (the Agents' operations and integration with existing databases using API's, web services,..)